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New Kids Turbo Torrent

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646f9e108c Five friends from 'Maaskantje' are being fired because of the economic crisis. They decide not to pay for anything anymore. They're stealing beer and food, while the police tries to end their efforts. Unfortunately, the cop from Maaskantje is unable to stop the five friends so the minister of defense decides to send help….
Five friends from 'Maaskantje' are getting fired because of the economic crisis. They decide that they won't pay for anything anymore.
I would give it a 0 if it was possible. This movie is nothing but a very bad acted, scripted and extremely boring 90 minutes of pure amateurism, without so much as a good laugh.I think only those with very little intellectual capacity can appreciate the so called jokes and constant swearing and referrals to po and pee. I got a free ticket to see this movie but i noticed that the mood in the cinema was very subdued, just a few laughs instead of the great comedy i was hoping to see. A total failure for Dutch cinema.I had expected more from the New Kids, who in real life are not so mentally disabled as their movie wants us to believe.
The movie accurately depicts the live in an average Branbant village. It is fully correct, up to the clothing, the hair style, the cars and the language. Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates such honesty. Just a good laugh, don't make anything more out of it. PG21 for language, but since it's dutch, who cares? The repetition of the car-jokes becomes hilarious, after some time, as does the firing-mistakes. Very funny part when the farmer tells about the exchange he made during the war, trading Jews for German weapons. Please do not take this movie too seriously, and, people from Maaskantje, be happy about it

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